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"Charpak Prize" of the 6th International Conference on Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors awarded to Dr. Jona Bortfeldt


The Charpak prize was awarded during the 6th International Conference on Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors, held from May 5th to May 10th 2019 in La Rochelle, France. The Charpak prize consist of a certificate, a medal and a prize money and is awarded to the best oral or poster presentation by a young physicist (age not exceeding 35 years) at the biennial MPGD conference.

Dr. Bortfeldt received the award in recognition of his "... outstanding presentation on development of micro-pattern gaseous detectors for a small animal irradiation system and in recognition of his leading role in the Picosec Micromegas collaboration and the development of floating strip Micromegas detectors during the past years." as Dr. Ioannis Giomataris (CEA Saclay, chairman selection committee) said during the ceremony.

The detector R&D for the small animal irradiator platform is performed by Dr. Bortfeldt for the ERC funded project Small animal proton irradiator for research in molecular image-guided radiation-oncology (SIRMIO).


The two price winners of the MPGD 2019 Conference: Charpak price awardee Dr. Jona Bortfeldt (LMU Munich, left) and Oed laureate Rui de Oliveira (CERN, right)