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ALPA Book published


The long-awaiting ALPA Book has now been published:


     “ALPA”: Applications of Laser-Driven Particle Acceleration

   CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group, 2018 (ISBN 9781498766418)

        editors - Paul R. Bolton, Katia Parodi and Jörg Schreiber

Lasers have been contributing to innovative accelerator advancement for a long time. Particle acceleration by longitudinal laser and laser-plasma fields has been vigorously explored during the past two decades. This has included intrinsic generation of energetic photons and neutrons. The ‘ALPA’ book presents, in two parts, a state-of-the-art review of particle acceleration mechanisms and associated capability for energetic photon and neutron generation that is precursory to describing a variety of potential applications for these distinct laser-driven sources. Most of the ALPA content concerns laser-plasma acceleration driven by laser systems of very high peak power (~ 100 terawatts to petawatts). The broad scope of potential applications which comprise Part II constitutes most of this application-centric book. Application requirements can vary significantly; the simplest can be fulfilled by the laser-plasma source alone while more sophisticated requirements mandate development of an integrated laser-driven accelerator system. Meaningful and impactful applications can motivate, guide and justify the laser-driven case. The ALPA book is uniquely dedicated to the diverse application potential of laser-driven sources and integrated laser-driven accelerator systems. It can be a useful reference for general scientific and engineering researchers.

Here you find further information about the book.