Experimental Medical Physics

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Support for Ukranian students and researchers

We are following with great concern the tragic situation in Ukraine, which is also directly impacting many students and academics from Ukraine and their family members. LMU has launched a comprehensive range of supports to meet their various needs as flexibly as possible in these difficult times: https://www.lmu.de/en/workspace-for-students/news-and-events/details/support-for-students-from-ukraine.html

Feel free to reach out (katia.parodi@lmu.de or indicated contact persons in related research areas) for Medical Physics related projects, and/or to explore opportunities for collaboration in this framework. We would be eager to assist colleagues and students from Ukraine and provide support.


Here you can find offers for Open positions and Bachelor and Master Thesis Projects within all research areas of our Chair.

Besides the listed Bachelor and Master thesis projects, for all Medical Physics topics, inquiries regarding additional offers can be sent to katia.parodi@lmu.de including a short CV, transcript of records (current grades) and possible starting date.