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SPARTA/MAP publication on CT to CBCT image deformation selected as 'Featured Article'

Feature article and cover of March 2015 issue of Medical Physics


The publication "Investigating CT to CBCT image registration for head and neck proton therapy as a tool for daily dose recalculation" by Guillaume Landry, Reinoud Nijhuis, George Dedes, Josefine Handrack, Christian Thieke, Guillaume Janssens, Jonathan Orban de Xivry, Michael Reiner, Florian Kamp, Jan J. Wilkens, Chiara Paganelli, Marco Riboldi, Guido Baroni, Ute Ganswindt, Claus Belka and Katia Parodi was selected as Featured Article in Medical Physics, with figure 5 from the article used as issue cover.

The full, open access publication can be found here: Med. Phys. 42 1354 (2015)