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WP2b Ultrasound Imaging and Ionoacoustics


Ionoacoustics is a novel range verification method, which is based on the detection of thermoacoustic emissions induced by the therapeutic irradiation. The localized energy deposition of charged particles, delivered by a short-pulsed ion beam, generates measurable acoustic waves, whose characteristics primarily depend on the spatial heating function. These acoustic waves enhanced at the Bragg peak position allow range verification. The relative simplicity of this modality and the possibility to co-register anatomical ultrasound images, makes ionoacoustics a promising candidate for almost real-time in vivo dose monitoring. However, the main challenge is to detect the low-pressure (≤ 0.1 Pa) and low-frequency (≤ 100 kHz) waves usually observed for pre-clinical and clinical applications.

Such low frequency signals cannot be detected with conventional medical ultrasound systems. A second major challenge is the low pressure which requires the usage of high-sensitivity ultrasonic sensors (i.e., six order of magnitude lower compared to conventional ultrasound imaging). Because of that, we are actively developing dedicated instrumentation based either on Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (CMUT) or polymer-based piezoelectric material (Polyvinylidene fluoride, PVDF), in a collaborative effort together with the Department of Engineering of the Roma Tre University (Rome, Italy) and the GREMAN UMR 7347 laboratory (University of Tours, France), respectively. Additionally to sensor improvement, the enhancement of the ionoacoustic signal through ultrasound (e.g., gas-filled microbubbles) and photoacoustic (e.g., India ink) contrast agents is also investigated aiming to increase the measurement sensitivity.


Optimal ionoacoustic detector design and Bragg peak localization strategies are investigated in-silico, and supported by experimental measurements at proton-beam facilities such as the MLL Tandem accelerator and the Centre Antoine Lacassagne (Nice, France), as well as by a dedicated in-house developed optoacoustic setup to mimic proton-induced pressure waves. Hereby, particular attention is paid to the influence of the sensor impulse response as well as tissue heterogeneities on the detected pressure and imaged proton beam, with the development of dedicated multimodal phantoms.



Dr. J. Lascaud


Beatrice Villata, Dominik Selzner, Pratik Dash, Ronaldo Kalunga, Dr. Julie Lascaud, Prof. Dr. Katia Parodi

Former members: Julia Müllner, Benjamin Wollant, Henri Carmigniani, Muhammad Safdar, Rafal Kowalewski, Edi Liang, Marita Oliv, Dr. Hans-Peter Wieser 


Peer-reviewed journals

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