Experimental Medical Physics

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Structured targets

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology as enabling technology for high-field physics

Nano-materials and technology provide unprecedented opportunities for high-field physics. Our group is recognized as a forerunner in introducing novel solid targets for ultrahigh-intensity laser pulse. Freestanding ultrathin foil from our group with thickness down to a few nanometers has been successfully demonstrated as flying mirror, most efficient laser-driven ion source and relativistic optical shutter. Novel targets with versatile shape made by nanotechnology provide an exceptional match with high-power Gaussian pulses. Aerogel or carbon nanotube foams made by nanomaterials enable plasma slabs with density around critical density. Our continuous targetry research demonstrates that "small targets can make a big difference" in the field of high-field physics, which must be viewed in relation to costly upgrades and advances in high-power laser systems.


A 15 nm thick freestanding micro-structured diamond like carbon foil


A freestanding 2.5D micro lens array made out of diamond like carbon