Experimental Medical Physics

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  • Planar targets


    Freestanding foils provide the basis for laser-driven ion acceleration. LMU's target factory is capable of producing thin targets in a large variety of materials and thickness. Most commonly used are for example Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) foils with 5 to 200 nm thickness, plastic foils with 5 nm to 5 µm thickness, and Gold-foils as thin as 5 nm. Carbon-Nano-Tube (CNT) foams can be supplied either stand alone or attached to solid foils to form layered targets more

  • Structured targets

    Nano-Materials Lens Array

    Nano-materials and technology provide unprecedented opportunities for high-field physics. Our group is recognized as a forerunner in introducing novel solid targets for ultrahigh-intensity laser pulse. Freestanding ultrathin foil from our group with thickness down to a few nanometers has been successfully demonstrated as flying mirror, most efficient laser-driven ion source and relativistic optical shutter. Novel targets with versatile shape made by nanotechnology provide an exceptional match with high-power Gaussian pulses. more

  • Levitating Targets


    A multitude of theoretical publications in the past decade have demonstrated that targets with a limited mass and volume promise a more detailed understanding of the dynamics of the laser-plasma interaction itself as well as enhanced properties of the resultant particle beams and radiation. Levitating and thus fully isolated targets in the size-range of the laser focal spot size or even smaller (nano- to micrometer-scale) constitute the ideal case for this scenario. Even though isolated targets are promising in theory, they are challenging... more

  • International activities

    TARG1 Poster

    The TARG-workshop series on target developments for laser-driven particle and photon sources has been initiated in Garching in 2013. The 2nd targetry workshop, TARG2, expanded the scope to Laser-driven particle acceleration and attosecond science and sent off this emerging workshop series into the international research landscape. TARG3 took place in Salamanca, Spain. more