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Small animal proton irradiator for research in molecular image-guided radiation-oncology (SIRMIO), PI: K. Parodi

erceulogo The SIRMIO project aims at developing a demonstrator of a portable platform for precision small animal proton irradiation, intended for installation at horizontal beamlines of clinical treatment facilities. This project receives funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant agreement No. 725539). We are using and developing innovative technology for combining precise dose application with novel anatomical image guidance, based on proton computed tomography and ultrasound imaging, and in-vivo verification of the actual treatment delivery, using ionoacoustics and positron emission tomography.


Figure from Parodi et al., Towards a novel small animal proton irradiation platform: the SIRMIO project, Acta Oncologica (2019), 58, 1470-1475

The project is structured into six different workpackages.

A Graduate Assistant/HIWI position is presently (October 2020) available addressing the System Integration of the project: Information can be found here

Theses projects are offered in the SIRMIO context. Check the join us page.

  • WP1: Energy Degradation and Focusing


    In WP1 we are developing a portable beamline for transporting and refocusing energy-degraded proton beams at a short working distance to sub-mm spot sizes. more

  • WP2a Proton Transmission Imaging


    In WP2a we develop two detection systems for proton transmission tomography to retrieve anatomical and stopping power information required for target positioning and for accurate treatment planning. more

  • WP2b Ultrasound Imaging and Ionoacoustics


    We are developing novel ultrasound systems and methods aiming to combine real-time ultrasound imaging of the anatomy with ionoacoustic range verification (i.e., detection of the thermoacoustic waves generated by the localized stopping of ions). more

  • WP2c PET Imaging


    We develop an in-beam positron-emission-tomography (PET) scanner to measure the irradiation-induced pattern of β+-activity, correlated to the primary proton beam range. more

  • WP3 Treatment Planning and Delivery


    In WP3 we are developing and testing innovative approaches for treatment planning for small animal irradiators. more

  • Integration and Animal Handling


    We develop the animal holder for fixation of anesthetized mice in a sterile environment during treatment and imaging and we integrate all sub-systems on a common platform. more

  • Collaborators

    In our efforts we rely on a broad network of national and international collaborators from academia, clinical centers and industry. more

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