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Cone Beam CT


Our research on cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) focusses on its application to image-guided proton therapy. Proton therapy has lagged conventional linac-based photon therapy, where volumetric CBCT imaging is widespread, in part due to the limited amount and bespoke nature of proton therapy facilities. However, the technology has been recently rapidly adopted and several centers now rely on CBCT imaging for patient positioning.

At the LMU we aim at using CBCT beyond patient positioning by enabling accurate proton therapy dose calculations via the correction of CBCT’s inherently poor image quality. We make use of image processing techniques such as deformable image registration as well as develop raw data corrections prior to image reconstruction. Exploration of the use of machine learning is another key area of research. After a series of studies stemming from the BMBF-funded SPARTA project which aimed at correcting three-dimensional CBCT images for head and neck and prostate, we are now extending our methodologies to respiratory correlated CBCT for lung cancer. We work closely on this with the reconstruction experts from CREATIS in Lyon as well as with the OpenREGGUI collaboration. This recent project is funded by the DFG (grant #399148265) and will see the use of an ultra-realistic porcine ex-vivo lung phantom as well as anonymized clinical data from our collaborators at the LMU University Hospital.


Dr. G. Landry
Dr. C. Kurz


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