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Since 01.08.2012 Chair Prof. Dr. Katia Parodi - Experimental Physics - Medical Physics

Until 31.07.2012 Chair Prof. Dr. Dietrich Habs - Experimental Physics - Nuclear Physics


Peer-reviewed journals:

 Medical Physics

  1. S. Reinhardt, M. Hillbrand, J.J. Wilkens, W. Assmann, Comparison of Gafchromic EBT2 and EBT3 films for clinical photon and proton beams, Medical Physics 39, 5257-5262 (2012).
  2. AK Biegun , Seravalli E, Lopes PC, Rinaldi I, Pinto M, Oxley DC, Dendooven P, Verhaegen F, Parodi K, Crespo P, Schaart DR., Time-of-flight neutron rejection to improve prompt gamma imaging for proton range verification: a simulation study, Phys Med Biol. 2012 Oct 21;57(20):6429-44. doi: 10.1088/0031-9155/57/20/6429. Epub 2012 Sep 21, PMID: 22996154 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE].
  3. C. Kurz, Mairani A, Parodi K., First experimental-based characterization of oxygen ion beam depth dose distributions at the Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center, Phys Med Biol. 2012 Aug 7;57(15):5017-34. doi: 10.1088/0031-9155/57/15/5017, PMID: 22805295 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE].

Nuclear Physics

  1. C. Hugenschmidt, K. Schreckenbach, D. Habs, P.G. Thirolf, High-Intensity and High-Brightness Source of Moderated Positrons Using a Brilliant gamma Beam, Appl. Phys. B 106 (2012) 241-249.
  2. E. Minaya Ramirez, D. Ackermann, K. Blaum, M. Block, C. Droese, Ch.E. Duellmann, M. Dworschak, M. Eibach, S. Eliseev, E. Haettner, F. Herfurth, F.P. Hessberger, S. Hofmann, J. Ketelaer, G. Marx, M. Mazzocco, D. Nesterenko, Yu. Novikov, W.R. Plass, D. Rodríguez, C. Scheidenberger, L. Schweikhard, P.G. Thirolf and C. Weber, Direct mapping of shell-effects in the heaviest elements, Science 337, 1207 (2012).

  3. C. Bauer, T. Behrens, V. Bildstein, E. Clement, L. Coquard, A. Ekstroem, R. Gernhäuser, D. Habs, J. Leske, T. Kröll, R. Krücken, R. Lutter, T. Möller, T. Otsuka, N. Patronis, N. Pietralla, L.M. Robledo, T.R. Rodriguez, N. Shimizu, C. Stahl, I. Stefanescu, T. Stora, P.G. Thirolf, D. Voulot, J. van de Walle, F. Wenander, and N. Warr, Prolate shape of 140Ba from a first combined Doppler-shift and Coulomb-excitation measurement at REX-ISOLDE, Phys. Rev. C 86, 4310 (2012).

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  5. P.G. Thirolf, L. Csige, M. Günther, D. Habs, A. Krasznahorkay, Perspectives for spectroscopy of actinides with highly brilliant gamma beams, Acta Phys. Pol. B 43, 227 (2012).
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  9. J. Bin, K. Allinger, W. Assmann, G. Dollinger, G. A. Drexler, A. A. Friedl, D. Habs, P. Hilz, R. Hoerlein, N. Humble, S. Karsch, K. Khrennikov, D. Kiefer, F. Krausz, W. Ma, D. Michalski, M. Molls, S. Raith, S. Reinhardt, B. Röper, T. E. Schmid, T. Tajima, J. Wenz, O. Zlobinskaya, J. Schreiber, J. J. Wilkens, A laser-driven nanosecond proton source for radiobiological studies, Applied Physics Letters 101, 243701 (2012).


A laser-driven nanosecond proton source for radiobiological studies

J. Bin, K. Allinger, W. Assmann, G. Dollinger, W. Drexler, A. Friedl, D. Habs, P. Hilz, R. Hörlein, N. Humble, S. Karsch, K. Khrennikov, D. Kiefer, F. Krausz, W. Ma, D. Michalski, M. Molls, S. Raith, S. Reinhardt, B. Roeper, T. Schmid, T. Tajima, J. Wenz, O. Zlobinskaya, J. Schreiber, and J. Wilkens
Applied Physics Letters 101, 243701 (2012)

Relative biological effectiveness of single-shot irradiation with laser-driven nanosecond proton bunches

T. Schmid, K. Allinger, J. Bin, G. Dollinger, G. Drexler, N. Humble, S. Reinhardt, O. Zlobinskaya, and J. Schreiber
International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 84, S684 (2012)

Coherent synchrotron emission from electron nanobunches formed in relativistic laser-plasma interactions

B. Dromey, S. Rykovanov, M. Yeung, R. Hörlein, D. Jung, D. C. Gautier, T. Dzelzainis, D. Kiefer, S. Palaniyappan, R. C. Shah, J. Schreiber, H. Ruhl, J. C. Fernández, C. L. Lewis, M. Zepf, and B. M. Hegelich
Nature Physics 8, 804 (2012)

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Abstracts and Proceedings:

Medical Physics

  1. C. Lang, D. Habs, P.G. Thirolf, A. Zoglauer, Submillimeter nuclear medical imaging with a Compton Camera using triple coincidences of collinear beta^+-annihilation photons and gamma rays, Radiotherapy and Oncology 102, s1 (2012), S29; arXiv:1202.0397v1 [phys.ins-det] (2012).
  2. S. Reinhardt, C. Granja, F. Krejci, W. Assmann, Test of different pixel detector for laser-accelerated protons, Radiotherapy and Oncology 102, s1, (2012), S21-S22
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  4. K. Parodi, PET monitoring of hadrontherapy, Nuclear Medicine Review 2012, 15 Suppl. C:  C37-C42 10.5603/NMR. 2012.003
  5. P. Cambraia Lopes, M. Pinto, H. Simões, A. K. Biegun, P. Dendooven,  D. C. Oxley, K. Parodi, D. R. Schaart, P. Crespo, Optimization of Collimator Designs for Real-Time Proton Range Verification by Measuring Prompt Gamma Rays, 2012 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference Record, 3864-70 (2012).
  6. C. Lang, D. Habs, P.G. Thirolf, A. Zoglauer, Submillimeter medical imaging in emission tomography,
    Verhandl. DPG (VI) 47, HK 17.9 (2012).

 Nuclear Physics

  1. M.M. Günther, M. Jentschel. P.G. Thirolf , T. Seggebrock, D. Habs, Seeded quantum FEL at 478 keV, AIP Cof. Ser. 1462, 173-176 (2012).
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Books / Book Chapters:

Book Chapter:
K. Parodi and C. Thieke, Imaging Instrumentation and Techniques for Precision Radiotherapy, in “Handbook of Particle Detection and Imaging” edited by Claus Grupen, Irene Buvat and Douglas McGregor, Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2012

PhD Thesis:

  1. S. Reinhardt,  Detection of laser-accelerated protons, Dissertation, LMU München
  2. D. Jung, Ion acceleration from relativistic laser nano-target interaction

  3. D. Kiefer, Relativistic Electron Mirrors from High Intensity Laser Nanofoil Interactions

Bachelor Thesis intern:

  1. D. Kalb, Entwicklung eines Regelsystems zum Präzisionsabgleich der RF-Amplituden eines Quadrupol-  Massenspektrometers
  1. J. Moazzami-Fallah, Aufbau und Charakterisierungsmessungen eines Si-Streifenzählers zur  Zerfallsspektroskopie in einer Penningfalle
  2. M. Lippich Golobart, Vielkanal-Dosimetrie mit EBT3-Filmen 
  3. J. Roos, Neutronenaktivierungsanalyse radioaktiver Implantate für die  Brachytherapie

  4. P. Schaur,  Dosimetrie radioaktiver Implantate

  5. G. Bothmann, Charakterisierung von nm-dünnen Folien anhand von Stufenmessungen

  6. F. Stehr: Interferometrische Dickenbestimmung freistehender Folien mit Nanometerpräzision

Bachelor Thesis extern:

  1.  J. Hoppmann, Vergleich zweier 2D-Detektorarrays in der klinischen Qualitätssicherung (LMU Klinikum Großhadern, Strahlentherapie)
  1. Ch. Gruber, Fluoreszenzspektroskopie an Zinkprotoporphyrin  zur nichtinvasivenEisenmangeldetektion (Laserforschungslabor, LMU Klinikum Großhadern)

Diploma / Master Thesis intern:

  1. W. Draxinger, Entwicklung und Charakterisierung eines Pixeldetektors für laserbeschleunigte Ionen, Diploma thesis
  2. T. Ostermayr: Mass Limited Targets for Laser Driven Ion Acceleration 

Diploma / Master Thesis extern:

  1. A. Nekolla, Automated glioma classification using voxel-wise kinetic analysis in dynamic [18F]-FET PET: method of optimization and development of test procedures (LMU Klinikum Großhadern, Nuklearmedizin)
  2. M. Freiermuth, Fast Quantification of Spin-Lattice Relaxation Times in High-Field Magnetic                          Resonance Imaging  (LMU Klinikum Großhadern, Radiologie)