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Medical Physics

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    Radiation and Environmental Biophysics (January 2015).
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  7. A. Troeller, D. Yan, O. Marina, D. Schulze, M. Alber, K. Parodi, C. Belka, M. Söhn. Comparison and limitations of DVH-based NTCP models derived from 3D-CRT and IMRT data for prediction of gastrointestinal toxicities in prostate cancer patients by using propensity score matched pair analysis. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2015 91(2):435-43
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Nuclear Physics

  1. P.G. Thirolf, From Laser-Particle Acceleration to the Synthesis of Extremely Neutron Rich Isotopes via the Novel Fission-Fusion Mechanism, AIP Conf. Proc. 1645, 210 (2015).
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Abstracts and conference proceedings

Medical Physics

  1. Yoshida E, Tashima H, Levin CS, Parodi K, Yamaya T. Simulation study of a DOI-based PET-Compton imaging system for positron emitters. In Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2015 IEEE 2015 Oct 31 (pp. 1-2). IEEE.
  2. Tashima H, Kurz C, Yoshida E, Debus J, Parodi K, Yamaya T. Patient data-based Monte Carlo simulation of in-beam single-ring OpenPET imaging. In Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2015 IEEE 2015 Oct 31 (pp. 1-3). IEEE.
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Nuclear Physics

  1. B. Seiferle, L. v.d. Wense, and P.G. Thirolf,  A VUV detection system for the direct identification of the fluorescence radiation of 229mTh, Verhandl. DPG (VI) 50, HK 6.2 (2015).
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Thesis Works:


  1. J. Bin, Laser-Driven Ion Acceleration From Carbon Nano-Targets With Ti:Sa Laser Systems
  2. C. Lang, Design of a Compton camera for medical imaging and characterization of its components

Master Thesis (internal):

  1. B. Seiferle, Setup for a VUV detection system for the direct identification of the fluorescence radiation of 229mTh
  2. K. Kröninger, Implementation of an analytical PET range verification tool for proton therapy in the TPS RayStation
  3. S. Schmid, Systematic Monte Carlo Study on in vivo proton range verification with prompt gamma photons in proton therapy
  4. J. Hoppmann, Monte Carlo simulation of a Wide Angle Spectrometer and reconstruction of the angular-energy distribution of electrons emitted from laser irradiated foils
  5. N. Hudobivnik, DECT based Proton Therapy Treatment Planning for Head and Neck
  6. S. Meyer, A systematic Monte Carlo study of the influence of different acquisition and detector parameters on the image quality of carbon ion radiography and tomography using a range telescope
  7.  T. Marinsek, Deriving spatial information from a monolithic LaBr3 scintillator
  8. F. Lindner, Online diagnostics for laser accelerated ions and electrons
  9. T. Rösch, A permanent magnet focusing structure for laser-accelerated ions
  10. A. Resch: Development of a Monte Carlo simulation-based treatment planning tool for proton therapy

Master Thesis (external):

  1. L. Bienert, Messung optischer Gewebeparameter: Optimierung und Vergleich verschiedener Messmethoden (LFL Klinikum Großhadern)
  2. M. Hoesl, In-vivo range verification in proton particle theapy - applied and verified on the example o prostate cancer in an anthropomorphic phantom (Massachusetts General Hospital) 
  3. P. Schaur, Grundlegende Untersuchungen zur Optimierung der laser-gestützten endoluminalen Behandlung bei Varikosis (LFL Klinikum Großhadern)
  4. L. Vomacka, Automated image segmentation of dynamic PET and SPECT data with clustering methods (LMU Klinikum Großhadern)
  5. A. Gosewisch, Dosimetrie in der 177Lu-Radionuklid Therapie unter Verwendung von Monte Carlo Simlationen (LMU Klinikum Großhadern)

Bachelor Thesis (internal):

  1. D. Kleinmaier, Adapting prompt gamma range verification tools to proton therapy of head and neck cancer
  2. A. Mayr, Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy with the RadEye pixel detector system
  3. M. Rädler, Analyse des zeitlichen Verlaufs für adaptive Strahlentherapie für Krebserkrankungen im Kopf- und Halsbereich


Bachelor Thesis (external):

  1. M. Aichmüller, Implementation of a coregistration-algorithm fo 3D images of different sampling in order to analyse dynamic PET images (LMU Klinikum Großhadern)
  2. I. Manakov, Implementierung einer voxel-weisen pharmakokinetischen Modellierung von dynamischen PET-Aufnahmen (LMU Klinikum Großhadern)
  3. J. Rudrof, Quantitative Auswertung von Fluoreszenzmessungen bei der  IPDT von Glioblastomen (LFL Klinikum Großhadern)
  4. K. Dinkel, Untersuchung verschiedener Möglichkeiten zur Berücksichtigung des Bestrahlungstisches in der Bestrahlungsplanung und der Planverifikation mit dem Phantom Octavius4D (Klinikum Großhadern)
  5. L. Grimmeißen, Comparison of measured and by different Asgorithms calculated dose in inhomogeneous mediums (LMU Klinikum Großhadern)