Experimental Medical Physics

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Medical Physics

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  1. Wang, Y., Lombardo, E., Huang, L., Avanzo, M., Fanetti, G., Franchin, G., Zschaeck, S., Weingärtner, J., Belka, C., Riboldi, M., Kurz, C. and Landry, G. (2024). Comparison of deep learning networks for fully automated head and neck tumor delineation on multi-centric PET/CT images. Radiation Oncology, 19(1), 3. https//doi.org/10.1186/s13014-023-02388-0
  2. Wei, C., Albrecht, J., Rit, S., Laurendeau, M., Thummerer, A., Corradini, S., Belka, C., Steininger, P., Ginzinger, F., Kurz, C., Riboldi, M. and Landry, G. (2024). Reduction of cone-beam CT artifacts in a robotic CBCT device using saddle trajectories with integrated infrared tracking. Medical Physics, , mp.16943. https//doi.org/10.1002/mp.16943


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