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Targetry Workshop: Program




Wednesday, 9th October

Session 1 (Chair: Jan Wilkens)

12.30 Lunch Buffet at IAS
13.30 Welcome (Paul Bolton) talk
Welcome (Michael Molls) talk
Welcome (Fridtjof Nüsslin) talk
14.00 Katia Parodi (Chair of medical physics LMU Munich, Germany) Perspectives of laser-driven ion therapy abstract talk
14.15 Ulrich Schramm (Dresden, Germany) Laser ion acceleration activities at FZDR abstract talk
14.30 Manuel Hegelich (Austin, US) Progress in laser ion acceleration for medical applications abstract talk
15.00 Michael Seimetz (Valencia, Spain) Laser acceleration of protons and ions at Salamanca abstract talk
15.30 Coffee break
16.00 Julia Bränzel (Berlin, Germany) Thickness determination of free-standing nm-targets abstract talk
16.30 I Jong Kim (APRI, Korea) Transition in proton energy scaling with linearly polarized laser pulses abstract talk
17.00 Il Woo Choi (APRI, Korea) Acceleration and characterization of protons and ions from nanometer-scale thin polymer foil abstract talk
19.00 Dinner in Garching

Thursday, 10th October

Session 2 (Chair: Jörg Schreiber)

09.00 Patrizio Antici (INFN-INRS-Rome, Italy) Laser ion acceleration with low density targets: a new path towards high intensity, high energy and high current ion beams abstract talk
09.30 Karl Zeil (Dresden, Germany) Robust energy enhancement of ultrashort pulse laser accelerated protons from reduced mass targets abstract talk
10.00 Daniele Margarone (IPAS, Czech Republic) Sub-micrometer spheres for laser driven ion acceleration abstract talk
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Jean Paul Perin, Denis Chatain (CEA / INAC, France) Cryogenic target development for highrepetition rate solid H2 and D2 targets abstract talk
11.30 Stefan Bedacht (Darmstadt, Germany) Thin cryogenic hydrogen targets for laser-driven ion acceleration abstract talk
11.45 Jens Polz (Jena, Germany) Solid hydrogen micro spheres for laser proton acceleration abstract talk
12.00 Irene Prencipe (Milano, Italy) Production of low-density targets for laser driven ion acceleration abstract talk
12.30 Lunch Buffet

Session 3 (Chair: Jan Wilkens)

13.30 Valentina Scuderi (IPAS, Czech Republic) Innovative handling and transport solutions for laser-driven ion beams abstract talk
14.00 Stephanie Tomlinson (CLF, RAL, UK) RAL high accuracy microtargetry system abstract talk
14.30 Arthur Graham (Scitech Precision Ltd, UK) Microtarget mass production for the RAL high accuracy microtargetry system abstract talk
15.00 Nicola Booth (CLF, RAL, UK) Sub-micron accuracy target alignment abstract talk
15.30 Coffee break
16.00 Jörg Schreiber (Munich, Germany) Laser ion acceleration - activities in Munich, LEX and CALA abstract talk
Tour LEX / CALA / LMU target fab
18.30 Dinner in Garching

Friday, 11th October

Session 4 (Chair: Paul Bolton)

09.00 Andrea Sgattoni (Milan / Pisa, Italy) Enhanced laser-plasma proton acceleration using solid foils with attached low density carbon foam abstract talk
09.30 Yuji Fukuda (KPSI, Japan) Cluster-gas targets as efficient media for laser-driven ion accelerations abstract talk
10.00 François Sylla (SourceLAB, France) Laser-plasma targetry: smallscale gas jets at a near-critical level abstract talk
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Dario Giove (LILIA / ELIMED, Italy) Proton beams produced by laser interaction in Italy: from the first experiences at the INFN FLAME facility toward the development of a multidisciplinary proton beam line (ELIMED) abstract talk
11.30 Closing remarks and discussion
12.30 Lunch Buffet and departure

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